Fusheng GoService is an IoT smart platform system that optimizes equipment maintenance and function, which increases the value of the services Fusheng offers. Data are collected from the compressed air system (CAS) and analyzed to determine the need for optimizations, allowing for smarter CAS management. In comparison to the passive mode systems in the past, GoService has now enabled the CAS to become more proactive and intelligent with the ability to initiate notifications and undergo analyses. With real time data acquisition, historical data retrieval, CAS energy management platform and other functions, GoService provides users with a smart CAS management system.

GoServiceFeatures of GoService

  • Energy assessment of compressor unit

    GoService will export the energy evaluation report and give suggestions for changes in operation to users.

  • Historical data retrieval

    GoService will keep 5 years of running data on file, which is accessible by users to be downloaded anytime as CSV. files.

  • Data trends

    Compressors’ and CAS data trends are also available for users to compare and analyze.

  • Preventive maintenance

    Avoid unpredictable shutdowns with maintenance messages pre-notification.

  • Real time monitoring

    Users may check devices’ running status without time, locations limitations and decrease the patrolling time.

  • Rapid response

    When abnormal situations or maintenance messages show up, GoService will notify users and the Fusheng team immediately via SMS or email.

GoService EnMS Smart CAS Energy Management Platform

※ CAS sensors are needed

Energy Baseline VS Improvement period

By using the same measurement instruments and the same methodology to analyze baseline period and improvement period data, the energy saving report can be easily accessed. Any deviations or errors in measurement and disputes would be reduced as well.

Real-time CAS efficiency

CAS efficiency, air flow, pressure, dew point, and other real-time information are always on hand.

Without brands limitations

GoService is compatible with any compressor brands.

Refer to international standard design

Complies with standards of ISO50001、 ISO11011、CSA C837-16、GB/T16665, etc.

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