For more than 50 years, FS-Elliott has been a supplier of centrifugal air compressors for industrial and engineering use. The FS-Elliott compressor series consists of a complete range of models, built-in with sophisticated tilted impellers made of 17-4PH stainless steel. These compressors are reliable, using high-tech coaxial rotary gears, one-piece high-rigidity casings, bundle coolers in water piping, horizontally split seals, self-correcting high-load capacity bearings, low-friction tilting pad bearings, and 4-in-1 modular advanced controllers. 
The Polaris+ centrifugal compressors feature a simple and effective design that outperforms other compressors in delivering trouble-free operation and the lowest cost of ownership. Not only does it use certified ISO 8573-1 Class 0 oil-free air for purity that meets exacting standards, but it has also eliminated the need for periodic and expensive wearing parts replacements while still performing with excellent reliability over extended periods. Low-to-no vibration is achieved, even without any special foundations. In addition, Polaris+ compressors are provided with a variety of Regulus® controller system options for superior control. 
The compressors are designed with 2-stage and 3-stage operating pressures, ranging from 3 to 10.5 kg/cm2 (40 to 150 psig). They run between 185kW and 2240kW (250HP~3000HP), and yield discharge volumes from 900 to 11500 CFM (25~330 m3/min).

The R1000 Control System, featuring a 9-inch full touchscreen display, introduces several new control modes (i.e. ambient compensation control, integrated compressor control, and pressure band optimization) to provide increased energy efficiency.

Engineered coatings that deliver extended service life, reduce maintenance, and prevent corrosion.

Mechanically superior bearings that result in improved stability, require less oil consumption, and reduce power requirements.

Dual carbon ring seals keep the lubricant in the gearbox, ensuring that it does not reach the compressed air stream.

The simple and practical design increases reliability and decreases downtime by limiting rotating and wearing parts and by accommodating quick field maintenance.

Adjustable Inlet Guide Vane - By controlling the amount of air being compressed (and consequently the power consumed), inlet guide vanes efficiently adjust to plant conditions and load variations to conserve energy.

By removing condensation from the compressor only when needed rather than constantly, the Zero Loss PulsarTM Drain Valve eliminates the wasting compressed air and the energy needed to produce it.

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Model Working Pressure kg/c㎡G (psig) Delivery m³/min (CFM) Motor Power (kW) Motor Power (HP) Dimension L*W*H (mm) Weight kg (lb)
3-10.5 (40-150) 25-60 (900-2200) 185-335 250-450 2910*1832*2568 4550 (10000)
3-10.5 (40-150) 45-100 (1500-3400) 260-520 350-700 3632*2057*1905 6575 (14500)
3-10.5 (40-150) 70-130 (2600-4500) 450-750 600-1000 3175*2160*2160 7260 (16000)
3-10.5 (40-150) 100-180 (3500-6500) 520-1120 700-1500 4040*2238*2208 6222 (13500)
3-10.5 (40-150) 170-330 (6000-11500) 930-2240 1250-3000 4597*2210*2337 13063 (28800)
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Textile Industry
Power Industry
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