For more than 50 years, FS-Elliott has been a supplier of centrifugal air compressors for industrial and engineering use. The FS-Elliott compressor series consists of a complete range of models, built-in with sophisticated tilted impellers made of 17-4PH stainless steel. These compressors are reliable, using high-tech coaxial rotary gears, one-piece high-rigidity casings, bundle coolers in water piping, horizontally split seals, self-correcting high-load capacity bearings, low-friction tilting pad bearings, and 4-in-1 modular advanced controllers. 
The PAP Plus series is rugged, reliable, and meets the API672 specification. The unit can be customized to meet the needs of users in strict accordance with the customer's technology and operating parameters, especially in the fields of oil, gas, oil refining, chemical/petrochemical, etc. Each PAP Plus must pass through strict quality control and technical standards, carry out production processes in accordance with ISO9001:2008 specifications, and perform unit testing following API672 and ASME power specifications. As the number of stages increases, the compression ratio lowers the efficiency increases. Up to four levels are available, making it 5% more efficient than older compressor designs. 
The compressors are designed with 2-stage, 3-stage, and 4-stage operating pressures ranging from 3 to 31 kg/cm2 (40 to 450 psig). They run between 185kW and 4475kW (250HP~6000HP), and yield discharge volumes from 900 to 24500 CFM (25~695 m3/min).
FSElliott_Centrifugal_PAP_Plus_A1 2
FSElliott_Centrifugal_PAP_Plus_A1 2

A straight-through intercooler tube accommodates periodic cleaning, rather than replacement.

A state-of-the-art, backward leaning impeller design provides a broad range of superior aerodynamic performance characteristics.

An adjustable inlet guided vane that adjusts to plant conditions and load variations to save energy

A full-capacity auxiliary oil pump continues normal and safe operation in the event of a main oil pump failure.

A filter monitoring package allows operators to receive real-time differential pressures of the oil and air filters.

Microprocessor-based smart transmitters, capable of performing evaluations and producing diagnostics, allow the operator to understand the condition of their compressed air system from a remote location.

A horizontally split gear case and internal components are integral features of the only truly field-serviceable gear box in the industry.

ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0, 100% oil-free air minimizes downtime from oil contamination in the production line and eliminates the need for off-site condensate disposal.

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Model Working Pressure kg/c㎡G (psig) Delivery m³/min (CFM) Motor Power (kW) Motor Power (HP) Dimension L*W*H (mm) Weight kg (lb)
3-10.5 (40-150) 25-60 (900-2200) 185-335 250-450 3150*2057*1549 4309 (9500)
3-10.5 (40-150) 45-100 (1500-3400) 260-520 350-700 3150*2057*1549 6350 (14000)
3-10.5 (40-150) 100-195 (3500-6900) 595-930 800-1250 4420*2438*1905 12245 (27000)
3-10.5 (40-150) 155-310 (5500-11000) 745-1490 1000-2000 4953*3048*3861 17235 (38000)
3-31 (40-450) 285-525 (10000-18500) 1490-4100 2000-5500 6401*3886*3404 31750 (70000)
3-24 (40-350) 425-695 (15000-24500) 1190-4475 1600-6000 7112*6147*4877 54431 (120000)
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