The F series oil-free air-cooled piston air compressor utilizes a lubricant-free design in the crankcase to ensure 100% oil-free air.

These units undergo a two-stage compression to reduce the exhaust temperature and to improve its efficiency. The balanced design between the airend and the air tank creates lower levels of operational vibration and noise. By lowering rotation speed, the service life of the parts is prolonged. High tenacity grease lubricated bearings are selected to increase sealing tightness and reliability, and along with ventilation holes on crankcases, both contribute in prolonging the bearings’ service life. The heat-resistant stainless steel improves airtightness for the air suction valves and the spring-loaded compression rings used on the pistons ensures the airtightness and a higher volumetric efficiency during compression.

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Model Working Pressure (kg/c㎡G) Delivery (L/min) Motor Power HP ( kW ) Air Tank Volume (Liter) Weight (Kg) Dimension (mm)
7 440 3(2.2 ) 114 205 1340 x 520 x 975
7 769 5(3.7 ) 170 222 1358 x 550 x 1000
7 871 7.5(5.5 ) 240 410 1555 x 620 x 1300
7 1084 10(7.5 ) 260 485 1680 x 600 x 1350
7 1576 15(11) 260 530 1680 x 600 x 1350
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