The CSRL series refrigerant compressors are designed based on Fusheng's newly developed helical teeth rotors and it is developed to meet the application requirements in the 7.5oC to -45oC medium-to-low temperature fields. Each compressor is tested under simulated working conditions of refrigerant systems and qualified with a CE certification. The CSRL series are 100% designed and manufactured in Taiwan.


The special oil circuit design helps reduce loading noise. It can be used in parallel with multiple machines to meet the demand for larger cooling capacities.

With the most optimal economizer connection port position, performance efficiency is greatly improved. It can be used with frequency conversion with a range of 20Hz – 60Hz for lower frequency applications and 20Hz – 80Hz for higher frequency applications.

The highly efficient electric motor, from a well-known brand, is recognized for its excellent stability and efficiency. It was built with a PTC thermistor and the newest protection module to accurately monitor the coil temperature of the motor and to ensure its normal functioning. The optimum design of the cooling channel further expands the application scope.

The Fusheng 5:6 asymmetrical rotor tooth is processed and formed by the British HOLROYD rotor processing machinery and the German KAPP and KLINGELNBERG precision rotor grinder. Rotors are strictly measured by the German ZEISS and LEITZ three-coordinates measuring machine. They are tremendously precise, efficient, stable and reliable. Optimal clearance values between rotors are maintained, even under continuous operation, allowing it to perform at the highest efficiency.

This series features optimized volume fraction settings, an outstanding motor match, and an outstanding COP value. Variations in matching between the coolant and refrigerant oil are available to enable the best functions in the wide range of applications.

The capacity regulation valve can control the capacity modulation of the system precisely. A selection of patented four-stage and step-less designs are available for controlling the capacity regulation of the compressor. Various built-in volume fractions can be chosen for application to different coolant operating modes. An outboard solenoid valve is used for control and in-load.

You can check the interested models and send inquiry to us.
Model Displacement(m³/hr) R22Cooling_Capacity(kW) R407A_Cooling_Capacity (kW) R507C_Cooling_Capacity(kW)
100 45 48 53
120 53 56 58
140 62 68 70
170 72 77 80
200 89 101 105
228 104 116 120
264 121 132 137
300 137 154 160
384 168 187 195
342 181 201 209
480 213 229 238
576 253 280 292
You can check the interested models and send inquiry to us.
Model Displacement(m³/hr) R22Cooling_Capacity(kW) R404A_Cooling_Capacity(kW)
100 19 20
120 22 24
140 27 29
170 30 33
200 38 44
228 44 50
264 50 56
300 59 67
384 72 81
342 77 87
480 93 103
576 111 124
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